Workshop: Mathematica in computer simulations

Workshop: Mathematica in computer simulations

Vladimir Mityushev

Mathematica in computer simulations

The workshop is devoted to introduction of analytical methods to heterogeneous media. The effective properties of fibrous and dispersed composites are discussed as well as the macroscopic permeability of porous media and the macroscopic viscosity. The universality of mathematical methods are described. The self-consistent Maxwell approach is applied to dilute media. The notion Representative Volume Element (RVE) is introduced for random media. The package Mathematica is systematically applied to symbolic-numerical computations. The workshop contains laboratory exercises on Mathematica: symbolic computations, graphics and animation.

(3h lecture and 3h laboratory)

Participants of the workshop will get the corresponding certificate.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge for YIC2019 participants but requires prior registration through our Conference System.